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Cheap Juggling Clubs

Cheap juggling clubs are easy to find. Look at this set of cheap juggling clubs below.

You can’t get much cheaper than that. But you have to ask yourself, do you really want to juggle the cheapest (a.k.a. worst) clubs out there. If you are half serious about juggling, I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are other clubs that you can get that are not quite as cheap as the ones above but are a decent set of clubs to start with. Look at these below…

These clubs are by Higgins Brothers and I know they are extremely durable. They’ll last you forever although they won’t feel as nice as some of the better clubs. This is because they are molded in once piece with plastic. This makes them a little harder on the hands.

If you are looking for cheap juggling clubs and you don’t want to go with the worst clubs out there, then I recommend these. They are still relatively cheap compared to the best juggling clubs but they are composite, not plastic mold. This makes them a little softer on the hands and more visually appealing.

I hope that helped you on your quest for cheap juggling clubs! Let me know what you chose and how you liked them.

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