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The Best Juggling Balls for Beginners

One of the questions that many new jugglers have is: what are the best juggling balls for beginners? This is a great question because all juggling balls are not equal, and not all juggling balls are good for beginners.

When you are new to juggling, I recommend starting with a beanbag. There are a wide array of different kinds of juggling balls, but a beanbag is a great place to start. Once you learn how to juggle you can build your collection of juggling balls like I did. Trust me, there will be plenty of time for that. No matter how many juggling balls you have, you’ll want another set.

Here are a few good starters:

deluxe 4 panel beanbag set

This basic set from Dube (pictured above) is a great place to start. The 3 ball set comes with instructions. They are soft, shiny, and very durable. They have a nice weight and are easy to catch and throw.

Fusion Beanbag Fusion Beanbag

Another nice beginner beanbag are these Fushion beanbags (pictured above) available at Amazon.com. I like them because they are very soft. They are very easy to catch with even the tip of your fingers which really comes in handy when you first start juggling. They are not shiny like the Dube beanbags and they have a more soft fabric feel.

Latex Stress Balls

The beanbags pictured above are the Higgins Brothers kit. They come with an instructional DVD. They are similar to the Dube beanbags in color, shape, weight, and shine. They have nice durability and are a good choice for a beginner.

I gave you three recommendations for the best juggling balls for beginners. All of my recommendations are beanbags because I think that stage balls and hybrid type balls should be reserved for the more experienced juggler. It’s just easier to learn with beanbags in my experience.

Even if you don’t want to purchase one of these beanbags here are a few guidelines for a good juggling ball for beginners:

  • soft
  • 2.5″
  • 120-130 grams

Those are the 3 characteristics that I think make a good beginner juggling balls. For children, 2″ may be appropriate, but not for adults. When a ball is less than 2.5″ it tends to bounce off your hands and makes it much harder to catch.

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