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New Juggling Equipment Vendor

I’m always on the lookout for new juggling shops either online or offline. Today I found a new one, but not because I found it through searching. I found it because the owner contacted me.

The site is called JuggleGear.com.

It is a Canadian based juggling shop. I checked them out and as far as juggling equipment goes, they stock some of their own JG brand equipment and a bunch of Play Juggling products. Below is a picture of their 6 Slice UV ball. Set of three for $20 CAD, roughly equivalent to $20 USD. Not a bad price at all. These are unique too. I haven’t seen beanbags quite like them before.

6 Slice UV Ball - JG

While you visit their site you’ll also want to check out their JG Flight Club. It’s a composite club with a wrapped handle for only $20 CAD. That’s a great price. Check them out below.

JG Flight Club

As I said they also have a bunch of Play Juggling products as well. They also stock some non-juggling equipment such as unicycles and aerial equipment.

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