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Jugglers Christmas Presents 2012

If you are looking for the perfect present for the juggler your know, look no further. Dube Juggling has a gift giving guide for jugglers that is perfect for finding what you need.

If you are considering giving a gift to a juggler, but you think they already have too much juggling equipment, don’t worry – a juggler will always be happy to build their collection! I have several different kinds of juggling balls and clubs.

The Dube Juggling gift guidealso has a list of items that are for people who have never juggled before. In fact, I learned how to juggle when my Dad got me a set of juggling balls one year for Christmas.

So if you really want to make someone happy this year, fill their stocking with juggling balls, knives, clubs, and torches!

New Juggling Equipment Vendor

I’m always on the lookout for new juggling shops either online or offline. Today I found a new one, but not because I found it through searching. I found it because the owner contacted me.

The site is called JuggleGear.com.

It is a Canadian based juggling shop. I checked them out and as far as juggling equipment goes, they stock some of their own JG brand equipment and a bunch of Play Juggling products. Below is a picture of their 6 Slice UV ball. Set of three for $20 CAD, roughly equivalent to $20 USD. Not a bad price at all. These are unique too. I haven’t seen beanbags quite like them before.

6 Slice UV Ball - JG

While you visit their site you’ll also want to check out their JG Flight Club. It’s a composite club with a wrapped handle for only $20 CAD. That’s a great price. Check them out below.

JG Flight Club

As I said they also have a bunch of Play Juggling products as well. They also stock some non-juggling equipment such as unicycles and aerial equipment.

Cheap Juggling Equipment for Sale

Where can you get cheap juggling equipment at a great price? Most of the time this is not possible unless you are a retailer and you are buying wholesale. Most wholesalers will only sell to serious retailers and require a minimum order.

Lucky for you, I found a place that you might not know about where you can get cheap juggling equipment in bulk. You can get juggling equipment at wholesale prices or less.

Just go to the Higgins Brothers website and check out their sale items page. Now this sales page is updated occasionally with new items. Sometimes they sell bulk 2nd’s and sometimes they have reverse auction. The 2nd’s are pieces of equipment that have a slight imperfection. The reverse auction is when they post items and lower the price everyday until someone buys it.

I’ve seen all kinds of juggling equipment offered here from PX3 clubs and MMX balls sold through reverse auction, to bulk clubs and beanbags sold at wholesale prices or below. If you are just one juggler, the reverse auctions might be better for you, but if you are club that is looking for equipment for your members, the sales are great option.

So just check back frequently to see what’s been updated. Remember to read the descriptions though. I’m pretty sure all sales are final!