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Contact Juggling Balls

The biggest question is what contact juggling balls to choose when you start contact juggling. There are some different types to choose from. You can get either acrylic contact juggling balls or stage balls. These are two completely different types of balls. Choosing the correct size contact juggling balls is also very important.

Acrylic balls are made 100% from acrylic and can either be clear, UV reflective, or colored. Clear balls are simple and just look like a glass ball. UV reflective balls are made special to reflect UV light so that they appear to glow in certain light. And the colored balls are also see-through but the acrylic is made to be a certain color.

Stage balls can be used in contact juggling, but were traditionally used in toss juggling. The typical stage ball is a hard, hollow, vinyl ball but others are softer. They are light and easier to grip than the acrylic balls.

When choosing the correct size contact juggling ball, you have to consider what you will be doing with the ball. Larger balls are good for when you are manipulating one ball at a time. For example when doing isolations or body rolls. A ball that is 100 mm or approximately 4 inches is a good size. For multi-ball contact juggling, you’ll want to consider using a smaller ball such as 65-75 mm or approximately 2.5-3 inches. The size will be chosen based on the number of balls being manipulated, but in general, the more balls, the smaller the size.

Watch This Video on Choosing Contact Juggling Balls

This is the best video out there on choosing a contact juggling ball.

Where to Buy Contact Juggling Balls

There are different places to buy contact juggling balls, but I have my best recommendations here for you. I recommend buying them at this site because you can get cheap contact juggling balls that are good quality. You will also get excellent customer service.

The site I recommend is Home of Poi. The site is based in New Zealand but they ship all over the world. Service is very quick. They have an excellent selection of cheap acrylic balls. When I say cheap, I mean price, but not quality.

acrylic contact juggling balls

Home of Poi Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls

If you are looking for a good acrylic contact juggling ball, then this one is a great option. It’s a fully acrylic 85mm ball. Plus you get 5% off if you click through any of the links on my site.







stage contact juggling balls

Stage Contact Juggling Balls

If you are looking for a good stage contact juggling ball, this one is 100mm and perfect for bodyrolling. It’s a Mr. Babache ball which is soft, and slightly sticky. It’s such a nice ball.






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