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Diabolo or Chinese Yo-Yo – 5 Different Types to Choose

The modern diabolo is the descendent of the Chinese yo-yo. The original was made out of bamboo and made a humming sound when spun quickly. Today’s diabolos are made out of synthetic materials that make them much more durable. The diabolo tricks that are performed by masters today simply couldn’t be done with the old Chinese yo-yo.

One trick that isn’t necessarily hard but more fun is throwing the it way up in the air and catching it. Miss that trick with an old style Chinese yo-yo and it might be the last trick you do. Today’s version are well balanced and include features such as an axle bearing for longer spin time.

Below is a comparison between the Chinese yo-yo and the modern version…

diabolo and chinese yoyo

How the Diabolo Works

The basic concept of the diabolo is to put it on the string suspended by the two handsticks and keep it spinning with the motion of the handsticks. There are many different ways to do this contrary to my original belief. The methods vary from easy to harder and the amount of speed that can be generated varies also. Generally the faster you can get it spinning, the more stable it is. This allows you to do more tricks.

Once you get the basics down, there are, many tricks that you can do. Since it is not attached to the string, the potential for tricks is limitless. More advanced users put more than one on the string at one time.

There are many different types to choose from. Beginner versions are more inexpensive than those that feature axle bearings.

What Kind to Get

Below are some of the different choices you can choose from:

Sundia – Precision made in Taiwan

Finesse – The standard made in Sweden

Mr. Babache Performer – Made in Sweden

Lighted Kits – Finesse Light Kit and Electro

Mini – Perfect for small childern or novelty

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