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Diabolo Tricks

Diabolo tricks are only limited by your imagination. While using one diabolo is the standard, adding two, three or even more diabolos creates the potential for even more tricks.

When it comes to demonstrating the most advanced tricks and pushing the limits of possibility, there is no one better than Ryo Yabe. He is a Japanese master diaboloist. Below he demonstrates his best moves in a special bonus clip from the Complete Diabolo DVD.

Pretty amazing huh? Well that’s just the bonus clip. In the Complete Diabolo DVD Ryo shows you how to do all kinds of basic and advanced one and two diablo tricks.




Make Your Own Diabolo Tricks

Looking for ways to sketch out your newest trick? You might have heard of siteswap simulator for juggling. Now there is a siteswap simulator for diaboloists. The diabolo siteswap simulator lets you use multiple diabolos and try out different tricks.

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