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Lighted Diabolos

If you are looking for lighted diabolos you might find that many diabolos come separately from their light kit. There is at least one diabolo that comes standard with and LED kit.

Types of Lighted Diabolos

lighted diabolos

Light Kit for Finesse Diabolo

The Finesse Diabolo Light Kit is specifically designed for the Finesse diabolo and cannot be used with any other diabolo. The kit comes with two LED modules (one for each side of the diabolo) and they are covered in plastic to protect the circuits from damage. The modules can be easily added and removed with the screws and screwdriver that are included. You get two different color choices. This lighted diabolo is excellent for night performances and can really get the crowd going!

electro diabolo

Electro Diabolo







The Electro Diabolo is lighted in red, green and blue. Color controls allow colors to be held, travel through the spectrum or flash to create stunning rainbow effects. No need to add or remove a light kit since it is already fully integrated. Includes fibreglass hand sticks for flex, power and great grinds. Also includes a 50 trick CD rom.




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