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How to Juggle Scarves

Learning how to juggle scarves is a stepping stone to learning how to juggle balls. The big difference between juggling scarves and balls is that when you are juggling scarves, you aren’t really throwing them into the air. Since they are so light, you are picking them up and dropping them. It’s just hard to throw juggling scarves.

All that being said, I think it’s very useful to learn how to juggle scarves because it helps you understand the cascade pattern. Sometimes people just have trouble getting the concept of the cascade pattern, especially if they have learn the incorrect pattern before. The cascade pattern is the one where the hands alternate throws. To help you understand this better you can see my graphics on the how to juggle page.

How to Juggle Scarves Video

I put together this tutorial video that shows you how to juggle 3 scarves. The instructions are fairly simply to follow and this could even be a good video that shows how to juggle scarves for kids.

Now watch this video tutorial that I put together.

Usually, when I teach people how to juggle scarves, they start seeing progress pretty quickly. It’s a lot more fun then when I try to teach someone how to juggle balls. I think the progress that you can achieve is a big motivator to keep going. I’ve also taught this in a business conference setting where it really lightened the mood and got people talking and laughing. Hopefully this will do the same for you.

If you don’t have any juggling scarves, you can purchase a set here. The scarves that I sell are extremely light and large 24″ squares. Perfect for any beginner. They come in assorted colors, but they are always one of the fluorescent colors below.

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