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Juggling Supplies

Whether you are a seasoned juggler or you are just starting out, picking the right juggling supplies is extremely important. Most experienced jugglers have developed a good idea of what type of equipment works for them, but new equipment comes to the market and styles change. If you are just starting out as a juggler, sometimes it can be hard to know what juggling supplies to buy.

Equipment Quality

It is important to know that juggling equipment varies greatly in quality and cost. Some juggling equipment is cheap and low quality. Many of these cheap items are mass-produced by wholesalers who know little or nothing about juggling. Quality items will cost more but in many cases, these items are produced by jugglers who know what constitutes good equipment like the jugglers at Dube juggling.

Where to Get Juggling Supplies

There are juggling shops all over the world. The problem is that you most likely don’t have one near where you live. If you do, consider yourself lucky. You’ll get to go in an try out different types of juggling equipment before you buy it.

For most of us that aren’t lucky enough to find a juggling shop near us, there are plenty of online retailers. In fact, the majority of juggling equipment is sold online because there really isn’t enough demand in every city to justify opening a juggling store.

In the US, there are several good options for purchasing juggling equipment online…

I strongly recommend visiting Dube Juggling. Brian Dube opened his store in 1975 in NYC. This is the first juggling store that I ever knew of and I got my first balls, clubs, and rings from them. They put together their decorative clubs by hand. They product high quality juggling equipment. Many of my friends and fellow jugglers have purchased from them. Any time they ever had a problem with a club, they were able to sent it back and get a new one. That’s not to say that they clubs were not made well, they just suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of some avid jugglers.  You can get a 20% discount by submitting your juggling video to Dube Juggling.

I also recommend Home of Poi. They are based in New Zealand and they have a huge selection of juggling equipment, but they focus primarily on poi. I recommend them because they have excellent customer service and ship their products quickly. Even though shipping is international, the costs are still very low and comparable to national shipping rates. I’ve purchased a few Mr. Babache stage balls from them and some poi.

Another option is to check out Higgins Brothers. They are located in Canada but they ship to the US. Higgins Brothers have been around since 1993 and they produce a line of Cirque Du Soleil juggling equipment. They make their own line of decorated one-piece clubs that are great if you are on a budget. They also have a great line of juggling beanbags and offer juggling equipment from other manufacturers. They have a sale and reverse auction page where they post some great deals occasionally.

Jugglingstore.com is located in Santa Barbara, CA. They don’t really have a store but you can make an appointment to go to their little showroom if you are in the area. I wish I had know that when I visited. I showed up at their P.O. Box thinking that the address on their website was for their store. Just remember to call ahead. They don’t produce any of their own juggling equipment but they have put together a huge collection of juggling equipment from other manufacturers. They also have one of the best websites I have seen and have produced a lot of videos talking about different types of equipment that they sell.

What to Juggle

Aside from quality in general, there is always the question of what you will juggle. Not every juggler juggles every different prop that is out there. Some jugglers consider themselves club jugglers or balls jugglers or ring jugglers. There are so many different types of juggling equipment and it can be intimidating at first. I personally enjoy juggling balls and clubs the most. I do have all kinds of equipment but I usually practice juggling with balls or clubs.

Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to try all different types of juggling equipment. I have seen some of the best and the worst and I understand what makes quality equipment. In order to provide you a better understanding of different types of equipment, I have devoted a different page to each type. Below is a list of some different types I’ve used:

Remember: When you are first starting out you may be tempted to buy the cheapest supplies you can buy. I wouldn’t recommend this though because you’ll want to upgrade soon enough anyway. The best idea is to save up some money and purchase quality equipment that will last a long time.

Of course I understand that you might not want to wait or might not want to invest in expensive equipment because you’re not sure if you’ll learn to juggle or even pursue it long-term. Well, if you follow my instructions you will learn how to juggle and you will keep juggling! Juggling has been constantly challenging me since I was 13 years old. I juggle every chance I get and I know you will too!

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