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Juggling Knives and Torches

Juggling Knives and Torches

Juggling knives and torches are great! They are the ultimate crowd pleaser. Every time I do a juggling show, people love to see the dangerous stuff. Of course I always save it till the end and then make those two my big finale.

Juggling Torches

The thing I love about these two items though is that once you know how to juggling clubs, they aren’t really much harder. Let me tell you a little secret why. First of all the fire doesn’t burn you. Seriously! When you catch one on the wrong end you can either flip it really quickly into your other hand or drop it. It’s burning the fuel on the wick so it won’t immediately burn your hand. And the blades on the knives are not sharp. They are made to look sharp but they are not actually sharp at all. So you get these two great acts with minimal skill involved and relatively no danger to yourself.


These props are pretty expensive though which makes it tough if you don’t have the money to purchase them. But I believe that these two props are a must have for any street performer.

I’ve always had Dube knives and torches As I said, they are expensive but they are great to have and a lot of fun to play with. I really like the Dube custom kind because you can still have a color on the body and wrapped handle. The handle is soft and easy to handle. A lot of other torches have all wooden handles and not decoration.

Juggling Knives

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