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Juggling Rings

juggling rings

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 The JFB Juggling Ring is more than just your standard juggling ring. It is slightly sparkly to give you a nice touch for your juggling performance. They are also slightly thicker than your standard juggling ring, which makes for easier and less painful catching. Everyone who has juggled rings knows they can be tough on your hands, so every little bit helps.

Specs: 12.5″ wide, 116 gm

Juggling rings are one of my favorite props. They are very visually pleasing especially when doing a performance. Once you have learned to juggle balls there is nothing holding you back. They definitely are a bit harder to catch and I can tell you from experience that they really hurt the tips of your fingers if you catch them wrong.

The best thing about them is how thin they are. This makes them even less likely to collide in mid-air than other props. This is why you are more likely will see a pro juggling 9 rings instead of 9 clubs. This is the prop that I actually learned to juggle 5 with.

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