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One Piece Juggling Clubs

One piece juggling clubs are a great option for beginners or someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a juggling club. These clubs are not the fanciest, but they certainly juggle. The number one benefit of a one piece juggling club is that its basically indestructible. It’s probably impossible to break them while juggling, and pretty hard to break them any other way.

One Piece Juggling Clubs For a Great Price

The main reason why I wanted to offer a one piece clubs in my store is that I get a lot of beginner jugglers visiting my site. Sometimes the though of spending lots of money on juggling equipment isn’t very appealing to someone who is just starting out. So I imported these clubs from Europe and found that they would be perfect for a beginner.

You can actually add tape to the handle of these clubs if you want to make them look a little different. Plus, adding tape to the handles makes them feel softer when you catch them. If you add tape to one end though, you’ll want to tape the top to balance the weight.

Another great feature of these clubs is that the knobs are round  so they are great for clubs swinging too.

Weight 160 grams

Length 19 inches

one piece juggling club

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