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How to Ride A Unicycle

The Easy Way

Learning how to ride a unicycle can be difficult, but not if you follow these simple instructions…

It is possible to learn without using this method, but I would definitely try learning this way. You will learn faster and won’t get hurt falling all over the place.

Step 1 – Find Support

You can do this one of two ways. You can get two friends and have them stand next to you and hold their shoulders or you can hold onto a railing. The picture below shows how you use a railing to help you learn. This is also a great option because you can practice alone.

The first thing about learning how to ride a unicycle is getting comfortable with the seat and mounting yourself on the unicycle. Grab the front of the seat, place one hand on the railing and put one foot on a pedal. Next hop up onto the seat while supporting yourself on the railing. Keep your weight on the seat, not the pedals. While you support yourself with the railing, practice pedaling forward and backward half way in each direction. This will allow you to get comfortable sitting on the unicycle.

how to ride a unicycle

Step 2 – Ride With Support

After you get comfortable sitting on the unicycle and manipulating the pedals you can try to ride. At this point its important that you continue to use a railing to support you. Simply begin pedaling forward just like on a bicycle while holding the railing.

how to ride a unicycle

Step 3 – Ride With Limited Support

After you learn how to ride a unicycle while holding onto the the railings, its time to go for it and ride on your own. At this point you are ready to try riding on your own but you probably won’t make it very far. Its a good idea when you first start riding without support that you create a goal and go that far. Like in the picture below he set a goal of riding to the lamp post and rode that far and then stopped. You can continue doing this to get further and further.

how to ride a unicycle


Step 4 – Ride On Your Own

If you learned everything I previously mentioned about riding a unicycle, then you are ready to ride on your own with no support. When you first start doing this your movements might be a little jerky as you pedal and try to balance. Over time your movements will become more and more smooth until you are so good that you are stalling and doing unicycle trials.

how to ride a unicycle

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