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The Best Place to Juggle for Money

Have you ever wanted to use your juggling skills to make a quick buck. Well it’s pretty easy to do. I should know. Me and my friends raised enough money to buy 10 plane tickets to Europe using this technique. This technique has become way more popular lately, but you have an edge.

The place I am talking about is at a traffic light. Now you know what I’m talking about when I say this has become more popular lately right? It’s rare to see a busy traffic light without someone standing there asking for money. It’s become so popular because it works. But like I said you have an edge. You have a skill and you’ll be doing something to earn your money. Imagine if people can get money standing there with a cardboard sign, can’t you earn a little money with your awesome skill of juggling?

You bet you can. Like I said I’ve done it before and it works. I think people will actually find it quite refreshing to see someone earning their keep for a little entertainment at the boring red light.

When I did this with my friends we would just wait for a red light and then go quickly do a few tricks while the other one when around asking for money to fund our European trip. This worked well so maybe you want to come up with a good cause to get people to release their ashtray change. “Can you spare a dollar to fund our European juggling trip.” was our line.

If you want to try this, obviously be careful! Don’t get hit by a car or throw a ball and make it land on someones car. I see kids doing this in South America every time I go there. I’ve never seen any jugglers at traffic lights here in the US, but we sure could use some. I’m tired of seeing the person with the cardboard sign doing nothing to earn their money.

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