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How to Juggle

Watch the video below to learn how to juggle balls.

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Learning how to juggle is easy and with just a few hours of practice, you can learn how to juggle three balls.  When someone asks me “How do you juggle?” I always start by telling them what not to do.

This is because every single time without fail that I teach someone how to juggle, they grab two balls and do this.  The incorrect technique is illustrated by the picture below.


how to juggle

This is not necessarily wrong, because you can learn how to juggle 3 balls in this pattern, but it is much more difficult than this pattern illustrated below.

how to juggle

The harder pattern where balls go in a circle is called the shower pattern.  The easier pattern that I want to teach you is called the cascade pattern. I also put together a more detailed set of illustrated juggling instructions if you are interested. 

Another method of learning how to juggle

If you are finding it difficult to learn how to juggle 3 balls, there is another method.   This method is widely used in school programs to teach students.  This method is learning how to juggle scarves.  Some jugglers think that learning how to juggle with juggling scarves is not the best method to learn because, although the pattern is the same, it differs from juggling balls because you can’t actually throw scarves.  It’s more like you are picking them up and dropping them down.

My opinion is that learning how to juggle scarves is useful because it helps you learn the cascade pattern.  Usually when people make progress with juggling scarves, they get motivated and it helps them succeed with balls.

After you learn to juggle 3 balls, you can view my other tutorials.  Most people want to start learning juggling tricks right away after they master 3 ball juggling.  I have put together a large collection of juggling trick tutorials.  I have also put together some more advanced tutorials on juggling more than 3 balls and also using other types of juggling equipment.

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