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Juggling Videos

My Favorite Juggling Videos

One of the things that really gets me motivated to juggle is watching juggling videos of really good jugglers.

Whenever I watch one I get new ideas and I want to learn to do whatever the juggler is doing.

You might be surprised how many creative jugglers there are out there. Each one has their own specialty and style.

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When I first started juggling I didn’t have much opportunity to watch great jugglers unless I bought a video from a juggling store. Luckily now it’s so easy to watch great juggling online by going on Youtube.

Listed below are some of my favorites that I’ve found. I think that these videos represent many different skills and styles.

So if you ever feel like you don’t feel like juggling or you have no new tricks to try, just watch one of these videos. You’ll realize there are so many different tricks that you never even thought were possible.

Another great resource for videos is The Internet Juggling Database. There you can find a forum for jugglers called rec.juggling. I check for postings in that forum quite often to look for videos to watch.

Frequently jugglers will post videos of their practice sessions, competitions or shows. This usually goes along with a lively discussion from other members of the forum. I find that it’s a great resource for seeing how many talented non-professional jugglers there are.

In addition to watching videos online, there are lots of DVD’s for sale that you can find at juggling shops. Many of them are tutorials for learning how to juggle. There are also many others that are simply for your viewing pleasure like compilations or competitions. Whatever your preference, there is an extensive list here.

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