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Unicycle and Juggling – A Combination of Skill and Balance

So how hard is learning how to ride a unicycle? Is it as easy as learning how to ride a bicycle? Not quite. It took me much longer to learn how to ride a unicycle than a bicycle. I am sure you expected that it would be harder to learn with only one wheel.

Okay so first you have to get one. You can buy yours here. Unfortunately, learning how to ride one of these requires a bit of an investment. It’s not like learning how to juggle where you can just pick up some old tennis balls and start going for it. The good thing is, if you are willing to make $100 or more investment, then you probably will be much more motivated to be successful.

Once you have the unicycle you should familiarize yourself with how it feels to sit on one. I recommend doing this with friends. If you have friends to help you learn, then they can stand beside you and you can put one arm on each of their shoulder. If this is not possible, then go ahead and do this beside a hand railing, but be careful not to fall into it.


Now grab the front of the seat with one hand. Put the other hand on the railing or your friends shoulder. Next put one foot on the peddle. Now this is a bit tricky but just hop up onto the seat and put the other foot on the peddle.

Let your weight rest on the seat and do a half a peddle backward and then a half forward. Do that for a while until you feel a little more comfortable sitting on the unicycle.

Once you feel a little more comfortable, you can start trying to move forward with the assistance of either your buddies or the hand rail. After that there is only one thing left to do… Go for it! It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle in the sense that you are definitely not going to get it right away. The good thing though is that if you feel yourself falling, its easy to just stand up and walk it off.

Want to juggle while on the unicycle?

unicycleIf you feel pretty confident with your abilities to ride your unicycle, then by all means learn how to juggle while riding. It’s a really cool skill to have. If you really want to be impressive, learn how to stall on your unicycle. This is when you constantly move the pedals back and forth just a bit to keep the unicycle in the same position.

The possibilities are endless. You can even stall with one foot if you get good enough. This allows you to get really creative and do something like, stall with one foot, spin a ring around the other foot, balance a club on your nose and juggle three others! Good luck…

Oh and by the way… if you need parts or anything else, check out this really cool site.





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